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Friday, August 23, 2013

What Wish Wore

The other day I was out shopping with my little Ava and I was wearing my orange 'hello' shirt and I had so many ladies tell me how much they liked it.  I was kinda like "ahhh too!" my head that is.

My little sister likes to make fun of my shirts and it's kinda a standing joke.  She always asks where I get my shirts and then stops before I can respond and says some smart aleck remark. 
For example...I have a shirt that has dogs on it and she said "cute shirt where did you get it?....wait the pet shop."  
Then there is a shirt that I have that has giraffes on it and she said "did you get your shirt at the zoo?"
So this shirt she asked if I got it courtesy of the telephone her amusement I said "YES I DID!" and the truth is...No I didn't.

I bought this shirt in June from Anthropologie and I am so glad I did.
I can wear it with jeans or skirts.  I can wear it tucked or untucked. It's a great playful shirt!

Today I decided to pair it with my green and white striped skirt, which also came from Anthro.
I don't love my arms so I try to keep them covered and so I put on this mustard-ish cardigan.  Honestly I have had the cardi for ages and it now has a small hole in the I just bunch it up around my elbow when I go out and you can't tell. 

Today I have a meeting with a client and then a hot date with my hubby. 
When I meet with clients I like to look nice and also show off my personality.  At a wedding I may not wear this because I don't want to be too crazy at a wedding but for a client meeting you bet!

I wore one of my favorite perfumes today Acqua Fiorentina by Creed. 
It is a fruity floral. At first you smell the fruit, plums and apples, lemons and bergamot and then comes the florals, roses and carnations and pear blossoms.  It has a few more dry notes like sandlewood but it's really light.  It is such a pretty perfume.
I wore this perfume on the first day of Wish Retreat 2013 and every gal that gave me a hug commented that I smelt good...and I have to say...I did....and I DO TODAY!

I kept my makeup simple today and for my lips I chose a light gloss. 
I love this gloss by Dior.  It shines up your lips but brings out YOUR own natural color.
So when people ask what shade of pink I am wearing I can honestly say "Kandis...with a hint of gloss"

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