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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Wish Wore {Utah Photographer}

So yesterday I was chatting with a friend and I was talking about how I need to be better about blogging and she gave me the most fabulous idea....she told me I should blog what I wore.
Now there's a reason behind it.... Number 1.  I simply adore fashion.  I enjoy mixing and matching patterns and textures.  2. It gives me a reason to go shopping more.  3. I want you to get to know me. 

The most important reason is seriously number 3.  I really want you to get to know who I am.  
I am really a fun, person and I want YOU to get to know that side of me. 
I am more than just someone who likes to create pretty pictures.  I enjoy laughter, friendships, yummy food, traveling and of course fashion.

So I tried my hand at self portraiture...not let anyone fool is HARD!  
But I really wanted to show off my outfit today. 

Today is a chill day so I didn't get really too dressed up.  Today is really a day of editing, cleaning and grocery shopping.  Later today I am going to bottle 2 bushels of peaches so I simply chose a pair of funky leggings.  (I love leggings...I have a stack of them).  I comfortable white T-shirt.  Seriously this is the best cotton T.  I have ever found! The brand is Tildon.  You can find it at Nordstroms.  It doesn't's easy to wear..and it's comfortable.  And a old beat up cardigan that I have had for 4  years.  

I also love beauty as well and it's no lie that I am obsessed with fragrance.  
Because I am just kinda in a more relaxed look I wanted to wear a lighter more fresh fragrance and so I chose Coney Island by Bond Number 9 New York.  It has notes of  Margarita, Melon, Guava, even some chocolate and carmel.  It's fabulous!

My makeup today is really kinda simple...but I did put on this fabulous Lip Tar.  The color is called Grandma.  AWESOME...who doesn't want to wear a lipstick called Grandma. I actually didn't know the color until I looked at the back of it to tell you.  Lip Tar wears for a really LONG time. It's great!

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