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Sunday, September 8, 2013


I have been working on my new blog for what seems like a long time and I'm super excited to finally start blogging officially there!
A lot of new ideas coming and posts.  It's gonna be awesome!
My new blog is make sure you book mark it.

I am also super excited to unveil my new logo! I am in love with the new look and overall feel of my new brand.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ode to National Dog Day

Well I am no pet photographer but I am a pet owner and today is National Dog Day.
We have two dogs.
Dog number 1 is Ruby, also known as Ruby Dooby Dog.
Dog number 2 is Pearl, also known as Pearly Girly.

We have had Ruby for 8 years.  We got her when she was just barely old enough to leave her mom.
We bought her from a breeder in Missouri...and she flew on an airplane to get to us.  Elle was just 1 and I will never forget when we picked her up from the airport.  She was so little and so scared but she was perfect.  We were so excited to have her.  She is a Yorkie and Schnauzer mix.  She has been the best family dog.  She is so easy going and my girls simply adore her.  I call her my 'dogger' get it daughter..dogger...ha ha ha. I'm so clever.

Next we have Pearl.  We have only had Pearl for 3 weeks.  She was a rescue dog from the animal shelter aka doggy hell. My niece and mom had went to the animal shelter looking for my brother in laws lost dog and they saw this yorkie there.  They told me how cute he was and I fell in love with him without even seeing him.  Thinking that he was in doggy hell and feeling so bad for him I called on him the next day.  He wasn't up for adoption yet. Everyday I called on him until the day they told me he was adoptable.  I got to the shelter the minute they opened but I was informed that the adoption center didn't open for two more hours.  So I took my girls to lunch and we were back to the shelter promptly when the adoption center opened.  Well either when I was there I filled out the paper work for this little guy so when I got there they told me to just go back.  So we went back...but the kennel number they had written on our form didn't hold the right dog.  So we looked around and found him.  When we got to the kennel another family was there.  I proceeded to walk out to tell the receptionist we would like to visit with the dog the mother of the other family walked just in front of me and made it to the receptionist 10 seconds sooner than I did...and guess what..they adopted him because they made it to the counter first.  My girls were heartbroken.  Elle cried.  One of the ladies there at the shelter told me that they had another yorkie in the back which was not adoptable yet but to check back.  Every day I called or checked the website..until one morning on the website I saw her available.  We left our house in record time to make it to the shelter before anyone else.  We made it there and we were able to adopt her.  She was so scared but so sweet.  She just wants to be loved all the time.
I know she was meant for our family.  She however isn't as tolerable of Ava...but that's okay.

Ruby and Pearl are getting used to each other and they tolerate each other but in the beginning Ruby was really stuck up to Pearl.  Ruby wouldn't let Pearl eat out of the same dish and Ruby would try to take over Pearls doggy bed...but that has all stopped now.

We thought we would never get another dog and we are now glad Pearl is part of our family.
We love both of our little dogs and we consider them family.

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Vintage Bridals {Utah Wedding Photographer}

What could be better than this moderly vintage bride?  Her tea length dress, pillbox hat, mink stole (I am not sure if it's faux or real...) and a broach bouquet simply makes me swoon.
I absolutely love her hair...a beautiful fishtail braid and the pillbox hat instead of a vail makes it TO DIE FOR.   And her lipstick! WHAT?!! It is so beautiful on her!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

What Wish Wore {Utah Photographer}

It's a little breezy and slightly chilly here today..which totally sucks for August...but it doesn't stink for my wardrobe.  I love breaking out the layers and fall-ish colors.
Today I have to go grocery shopping and run a few errands so I chose something that is comfortable but cute.
I bought this granny blouse a few months ago and have yet to wear it.  I just hadn't found the right thing to wear it with.  It's super sheer so I knew I would need to wear it layered and with today being a chilly sort of day it works perfectly.  I layered it with an old bronze-ish sleeveless shirt and a pair of cream skinny jeans...well they are not actually jeans but who cares.

I kept my makeup really natural today but I decided on a deep perfume.
I chose Michael Kors Signature scent.
It is has notes of Freesia, tunerose, and vitiver.  It's beautiful!

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Shacari and Brad Engagement Sneak Peek {Utah Photographer}

I simply adore Brad and Shacari....simple as that!  I photographed Brad's sister Kylee's wedding last year and it was one of the best events of the year for me!  I have known Brad for quite some time and have known he is seriously funny.  When I heard that Brad had proposed to Shacari I got really excited and hoped they would ask me to be their photographer...and they did!
There is so much more I want to tell you about these two love birds but I am going to wait until I do their official post.  For now you will have to wait to find out and enjoy this sneak peek!

Congratulations Brad and Shacari!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Wish Wore {Utah Photographer}

Happy Sunday!
Because today is Sunday I have two outfits that I wore today.
I attend church services every Sunday and so I choose to wear a dress or skirt and then after church I prefer to be more casual.

This morning I chose a skirt that I have never worn but have owned for 4 months.
I bought this skirt without ever trying it on.  When I got it home I wasn't as in love with it and I struggled wanting to wear it.  I tried it on dozens of times with different tops, different shoes, different sweaters and nothing felt right.  Today I didn't really over think it.  I just wore a slim fitting white t-shirt tucked into the skirt, a old navy blue cardigan and some teal tights I found hiding in the back of my sock drawer.  I pulled out of pair of my fall boots and added a necklace.  I like the way the look came together in the end.

I wore some Jo Malone fragrances today.  Do you know what Jo Malone is?  Jo Malone is a fragrance line from London.  They are simple scents that are meant to be layered.  I have about the entire line.
You can create your own scent by the way you layer them.  And get can layer the same scents in different orders and they will smell differently.

For my lips I put on a red.  I used my trusty Nars Dragon Girl Lip Crayon and Jungle Red liner.  This read is a great true red and it has kinda vintage feel too it.

After I got home from my church services I changed into something a whole lot more casual and relaxing.
I simply picked me a pair of black leggings, I kept on my white T-Shirt and layered it with a yellow owl printed tank top and a pink cardigan.  I switched my boots to a pair of flat boots.   I 'ate' off my lipstick at church so opted for a nude lip instead with this's more relaxed and I don't have to worry about getting red lipstick on my pillow when I take a nap...Lazy Sunday!

I would wear my church look to a engagement session or senior session and possibly even a casual wedding.
My second look...well that is my chill look....I wouldn't wear it to a shoot but I would wear it shopping or hanging out with my friends.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Wish Wore {Utah Photographer}

I have really enjoyed bringing you these moments of what I have been wearing and I honestly think it's because I love fashion so much and it's fun for me to share part of myself with you.

Today although it was a Saturday and that is one of the busiest photographer days...I didn't do any photography.  This is because I was already busy doing another part of my life.

Today was my families annual horse sale.  You see family owns a horse and cattle ranch called Running U Livestock.  Now when I say family I mean my parents started it and now my sister and my brother in law are starting to take over.  So every year we have a horse auction and today was our annual sale.  So I was busy playing cowgirl..which for me is a stretch.

So knowing I was going to be in the dirt and dust I knew I need to be a whole lot more casual and practical.
I wore a pair of skinny jeans from Flying Monkey, my new Gypsy Rose T-Shirt...purchased at Nordstroms and a old jacket I had hanging in my closet that didn't fit me when I bought it and now that I am 70 pounds lighter it fits.  And a pair of ankle boots.

Although I knew at the end of the day I would smell like horse I still had to wear perfume.
Because I was wearing a lot more of a casual outfit I chose Bond Number 9 New York Madison Square Park.  It has notes of Grape, Huckleberry, Rose, Tulips and Teakwood even.  It is a fabulously fresh scent.

For my lips I chose Pretty Boy, by Lip Tar.  It didn't last as long as I would have liked today but it looked good when I left the house.

Today was a great casual day.

I would wear this outfit on a engagement or senior session for sure!

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