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Help Me! {Actions and Overlays}

So you bought Illuminate Overlays?
And you need help?!

Okay you bet!


Illuminate is a fabulous set of 80+ overlays all inspired by light!
You'll love what Illuminate does for your photos.

Illuminate can add flares, light, rays and glow to your photographs.  Your clients will love the effect and you will find that they are easy to use and worth the $45.00

They will become a much loved staple in your editing diet! 

Illuminate are jpegs, not .atn.  You do not need to install them into your photoshop system or elements.Open and edit your photo.After you have edited it open up your overlay from Illuminate that you would like to use.Make sure you have them in two separate windows (side by side is best)Next using the move tool click on the overlay and move it over to your edited photo.After you've done this you can free transform it.  To free transform it is Control Alt T on a PC or Command T on a Mac.Adjust it to fit the photo or to the size you would like.Next go over to the layers pallet and switch the blending mode to SCREEN.After you've done this you can adjust the size more, or less depending on where you want it.  You can also use the move tool and move the overlay around the photo.If you'd like you can put a layer mask over the overlay and remove parts of the overlay for a more natural look.

You need help with Actions?
I've created some video tutorials for you!

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  1. How do you use these actions in photoshop cs5? Wish Tea and the Overlay clouds and rainbows? I also have lightroom and I can't find a video to show me how to use them INSIDE of the application.