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Wish Photoshop Actions FAQ's

Troubleshooting faq

Q. I am a Elements user, can I use your actions?
A. YES, you can use Wish Actions in Elements 7,8,9 and 10.
HOWEVER Wish Actions do not Install in the Effects like other actions you may purchase from other places, but in the Automated Action player.  And remember you have to follow the steps exactly from start to finish.  Sometimes you need to restart your Elements program too after loading them.
Check out the instructions on how to load actions for Elements.

Q. I bought actions for Elements and they are not in a Zip File, Did I buy the wrong ones?
A. No, you did not.  The reason they are not in a zip file is because they don't need to be.
Because Wish Actions install in the automated action player you do not need a zip file. Just follow the instructions on how to load them and they will all work just fine.

Q. I use Elements and all I got is a .atn file not a zip file, Did I buy the wrong thing?
A. No, you did not.  This is because all you need is a .atn file to use my actions in the Automated Action Player.

Q. I bought Wish Makeup Counter 2 (or Wish Doctor, or Wish Workshops Action Set) and I run them and nothing changes on the photo.  What am I doing wrong?
A. Nothing is wrong.  These actions are masking actions.  So at first it is going to look like nothing happened.  But when you use a white paint brush and paint on the photo you'll see the magic happen.
Check out the video tutorials on the video tutorial page.

Q. I've tried installing Illuminate (or Wish Rainbows and Clouds) and they say that they are not compatible and I can't find them in the actions. What am I doing wrong?
A. Illuminate Overlays and Wish Rainbows and Clouds are not actions they are overlays you don't install them anywhere.  Instead open them like you would a photo and overlay them on your photo.  Make sure you watch the video tutorials they can show you how to use them.

Q. My Actions won't work anymore (Wish Makeup Counter/ Wish Doctor/Wish Workshops)
What is wrong?
A. Make sure you have checked the opacity of your brush and that it's not at 0%.  Also make sure you are using a true white brush.  The last step you should check is make sure you are clicked on the black layer mask in the layers pallet. 

Q. I have lost all my actions that I've bought what can I do?
A. If your order is less than 40 days old I will resend them to you.
If they are more than 40 days old I will need to do some research to find you order.  If I can find your order I can resend your order for a small $15.00 resend fee.
Please remember to back up all your actions and overlays after you purchase them.  {You'll thank me later}

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  1. I am having trouble finding the cloud overlays that I purchased in my downloads. I'm not sure where else to look for them. Please help. Will the video for Elements help with this even though I use CS5?