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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Cowgirl....fix'n to get hitched. Ashlee's Bridals.

Ashlee is a cowgirl from the tip of her head to her toenails!  
Being a cowgirl to her isn't just about wearing wranglers and a pair of's her lifestyle. 
Growing up she had to wake up early and do chores..not clean your room chores but clean the horsey's rooms...aka shovel poop.  She had to feed them and clean them and do all that other jazz.  But so does her other 3 sisters.  She is a's in her blood.  So for her bridals I knew I wanted to use her horse for some images.  I also knew I wanted to use as much rustic-ness as I could. 

The location is a old farm that her family runs.  It has some awesome fields, an old house a dilapidated barn.  It has big giant hay bails and just plain awesome-ness. 

Ashlee was such a trooper because the wind was blowing so bad and many times her veil would get caught in the wind and her hair would nearly get pulled out of her head. 

During her shoot she so badly wanted to get on her horse, but her momma said "over my dead body in that dress" so she didn't.  But I am still thrilled with the outcome of these rustic bridals. 

Ashlee could be one of my favorite brides...and I can say that...I'm her aunt. 

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