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Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Make a Wish} Wish Tip of the Day!

I have invested a lot in actions.  I think you can never have enough.  However actions can't be used as a crutch in replacing overall knowledge of photoshop and ultimately overall knowledge and skill in photography including lighting, and composition.  

I have 4 solid actions that I use in almost every picture.  However these are not "artistic actions" they are retouch actions.  

Now I don't need to use these actions to retouch I can retouch without them, but having the steps done for me, saves a lot of time.  This is where knowing how to make your own action comes in handy.  Instead of doing the same thing over and over you can "SAVE" your steps and just "RUN" them on your picture.  It cuts down on computer time SOOOOO much.  AWESOME!

Making your own action is simple.  
Open up a picture to begin with.
 Then make sure when you have photoshop open you also have the action pallet open if you can see it go to the go to the top of your photoshop window and click on WINDOW and then click on actions.  It will open the tap for you. 
 There's two ways you can make an action.  
First you can click on the tab in the far right corner of the action pallet then go down to new action, or you can go to the bottom of the action pallet and click on the button left of the garbage can that is also the new action button.  
Name your actions. WHATEVER you like.  
Then press record. 
 NOW everything you do on your picture will be TIVO!  Take your time it doesn't have a time limit.  
When you are finished with making your action press stop 
(at the bottom of the action pallet).  

Do you have a question for me? 
Let me help ya!

Todays Picture?
I love back lighting!  However sometimes when back lighting every little hair that is out of place will show up.  Like this picture.
So using the healing tool, I had to remove all the hair that was illuminated.  I used the burn tool at 20% to darken the background.  Then using the liquefying tool (okay this is the funniest tool ever!) I gave her a little smile!  A few more touches made this darling picture even more awesome.
Check back tomorrow for another tip!

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