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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Make A Wish} Wish Tip of the Day!

So as you now know, I'm an action junkie.  I do love my actions.  But how do you think actions are made?  They are made by all the cool stuff you can do with photoshop.  Tomorrow I will teach you how to make your own action.  
But today is all about making the COLOR pop!
How can you do that?
Well one of the best tools to use is the Saturation Sponge.  Along with the Dodge and Burn tools.  I used the Sat. Tool to punch up the back ground, then I used the Burn tool to make it more rich.  Make sure your flow is no higher then 30. (oh and that's pushing it) When you burn the shadows it makes the color bolder, when you burn the midtones it makes the color darker.  
That's all for today!
Check back tomorrow to learn about how to make your own actions! 
(you don't want to miss this!)

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