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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Night Circus Inspiration.

In 2011 I did a shoot that was a circus shoot with my daughter Elle for a clothing company.  I was thrilled with the way they turned out.  I didn't get much of a variety because I was shooting in tight quarters and I just needed to get the shot.  I loved what I got however.   But because I didn't get a variety I really wanted to do another circus shoot.  Then I read the book Night Circus and it struck a idea.  I wanted to recreate the shoot but not with my daughter Elle but with someone else.
So I got Hailey.  Hailey is a fabulous model in Salt Lake City and she liked my idea.  So together with a fabulous hair and makeup team I was able to create these awesome images.

When it came to styling I knew exactly what I wanted.  So I scoured ebay for days to find the right pieces.  The pants were actually listed as beetlejuice pants and the jacket as a steampunk jacket.  The top hat I found at a local vintage shop...and Hailey she provided the black heels.

When I was looking for a location I knew I wanted somewhere industrial rather than somewhere urban.  So I started looking on the outskirts of Salt Lake and I found this awesome concrete would have been more awesome if I could have gone in the gates...but I couldn't so I shot on the outside.

I adore everything about this shoot.  It may be one of my favorite shoots to date.

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