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Friday, October 12, 2012

Something Orange {Rock the Shot Submission}

I don't really enter contests, mainly because of rejection...but someone on my fan page said "you should enter this."  And well I am home alone all weekend with not much to do so I thought...Okay I will.

I took this photo last night up Millcreek Canyon with some clients.

I shot it with my Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS II (that's a mouth full)
I was zoomed in at 200 to get the depth of field and the great compression so it looks as if they are being hugged by the foreground and background.

They were sitting in a low point on a decline and I was at the high point shooting and sitting down low.  This allowed for me to get some leaves in the bottom of the frame for that hugging effect.

In post process I ran a few of my workflow actions to get a little more vibrant of a color.

I am in love with the final outcome.
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