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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneak Peeks

I've been a busy bee lately!!! BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (that's me trying to be a bee)

So because I am so excited about some of my recent stuff I have to share with you.

So take a peek at a few of my resent shoots. 


  1. Sweet photos, a little mix of everything, unfortunately I have dial up so some did not load correctly for me. I find that happens on sites with lots of pictures, but I did enjoy the ones I did see (I am thinking that was not a live bird was it?).

    I really wish I had a better camera, mine is just your basic point and click model, which serves its purpose but I always am reminded of the difference when I see photos taken with a good camera - not too mention taken by a proper photographer.

    I also must get it out of my mind about skimping on pictures, I come from the time when we would buy film and have to pay for developing, you could get 12, 24,or 36 pictures on one roll of film and that was it... so I tend to be frugal with my photo taking as a result I think
    Great blog - enjoyed.