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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Behind the Lens

Okay as I said I am going to be better about blogging.  Blogging used to be a love of mine, but then I found Facebook and it kinda has taken over.  So everything I would blog about I post there instead.  BUT I know there's many who don't use Facebook so I promise to be better here.

So this first installment of infusing me in with my photography blog is to show you a little bit of me.

This is me.

This photo was actually taken at my retreat in July 2011.

I really love to laugh...A LOT.  And my laugh is loud and can be obnoxious...and oh man...I  embrace it.

I adore my family.  They kinda rock!  Why wouldn't they rock?! They are mine...and that's just the way  it is.

My two princesses Elle and Ava are my life.  They are my best subjects and this is why you will see them all the time.

I do have a little bit of a serious side.....and when I say little I mean extremely the size of a...well there is nothing that small to even use to describe.

I adore life and really do enjoy nearly every moment.  Even this very moment as I'm typing this mega fab blog post in my pajamas with my Ava on my lap in her jammies too watching Tinker Bell on the Ipad.  I love it!  And I hope that my zest for life show through in work.

Wish Photography wouldn't be Wish Photography if I didn't let my own life shine through in the style of Wish.  Wish is more then just a photography business, Wish is me.


  1. WINGDINGS!!! wingdings!! wingdings:)

  2. YAAAAY! Thanks for blogging! Those are great photos of you btw :)

  3. Love your spirit and your work! I haven't exactly started my business yet as I'm still learning but I certainly hope it is soon. (If I could only muster up the courage!)

    Ta Ta!


  4. it is nice to see you and your family. you do amazing work and just the picture of you laughing makes me laugh. laughing is so contagious!! happy new year and best of luck for 2012 to you!!

  5. Sweet! Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Wonderful blog post. It's so nice to get to know more about the photographer, than just their work. And I love the shot of you kicking your heals in mid air with camera in hand. That's just awesome. :)