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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Announcing Wish Retreat 2013

Every year Wish Retreat gets better and better!
This year Wish Retreat was amazing (blog post to come soon)
But for now I am so excited to announce Wish Retreat 2013

This year retreat will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah for 4 nights in a fabulous Mansion in Downtown Salt Lake City

Wish Retreat is geared towards Advanced and Professional Photographers.
You must be able to shoot in Manual position if you are questioning if you should come to retreat.

Wish Retreat is a exciting time to build your portfolio by the dozens of shoots.
At Wish Retreat 2012 we did more than 17 shoots.
We laughed more than 3000 times and we cried when it was time to leave.

Don't miss out on this once a year event.

Registration begins September 1st, spaces are limited.

A few testimonials from Wish Retreat 2012 
My experience at Wish Retreat allowed me to grow as a photographer, connect with other women, and take time for myself to focus on my craft. Multiple shoots every day kept my creative eye focused, and the fun and relaxation we had in between left me in withdrawals once I was home and back to real life! - Carolyn- 

The Wish Retreat was nothing short of amazing. Obviously there was tons of learning opportunities, but what was the most amazing part for me was the pure experience of it. I was literally laughing and learning from sun up until sometime in the middle of the night; I had opportunities to do shoots that I may never have thought to do before with amazing models; and shooting in areas and lighting I thought impossible. And Kandis? Kandis is a wonderful, kind person who has a lot to offer as a successful businesswoman and photographer. My time at the Wish Retreat is something I will always look back at with a smile on face ... and will be something I look forward to every year!!! -Ashley-

This was my first time attending Wish Retreat and I was not sure what to expect. It was well organized and I was learning from sun up to sun down. It was truly amazing what could be packed into such a short amount of time. It was great meeting other photographers and sharing with each other about cameras, lenses, and business aspects of photography . The venue and food were equally amazing, we never went without food or laughter. Even though it was work in the trenches I know we all came back rejuvenated from the experience. I would recommend anyone new or needing a jumpstart to be more creative to attend Wish Retreat. It was my first time in Utah and I was treated like family by all the other photographers and Kandis. -Sandra-

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