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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So most people take vacations in the summer.  NOT ME..we  take Winter vacations.
As a photographer my slow season is the winter.
And this year my winter starts in November.  I did this on purpose.
Last year I was SWAMPED in OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER, and this year I refused to be that way.  So November 1st I am going to be finished with all Christmas and fall shoots.  It might seem early to some, but I didn't even get to enjoy the holidays this last year because I was so busy.  
So to make me stick to this plan I booked a vacation! Yes I did! I'm so excited.  We are going to do Disneyworld.  We've done it many times in the past but never when it will decorated for the Holidays.  I'm way excited.  
So if you need to get on my schedule for fall I am booking now and you'll want to get in before my Vacation so I can get everything edited before Christmas Cards go out (oh I hate that I said the Christmas word this early)

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