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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Make a Wish} 1/3 of my JOY!

My Elle is so sweet, I really love her so so sOOOOO much.

I miss her like crazy the second I drop her off to school and can't wait till she gets home.

Elle is such a thoughtful and sweet girl, I'm going to share a little story with you.

It's freezing right now in Utah..well Northern Utah!
When I drop her off at school it's about 20 degrees outside.  TOO cold for children to be outside in my opinion.  So I make sure is well bundled up.  I send her with dry shoes so when she gets inside she can change them so her feet don't have to be cold from the wet snow.  It's simply freezing.
Anyway on Friday she came home from school and told me that a little girl in her class doesn't have a coat, and she has to go outside to recess with no coat.  Elle was really sad about this.  We talked all weekend about doing a coat drive and getting this little girl and other children who don't have coats a coat. 
Yesterday Elle came home from school and said. "GUESS WHAT MOM?!"  "Ashley has a coat now.  Isn't that great news?!"  She was so thrilled for this little girl that she now doesn't have to go out in the freezing cold without a coat.  
I'm proud of my caring little girl.
We are still going to do this coat drive, because no child should be freezing.

Enjoy a few pictures I did of my Elle in the fall that I never published.

She sure is so sweet!

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