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Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Make a Wish} Mini Mentoring

In addition to doing full mentoring session (which I am so excited about....and so excited to meet people locally and across the country) I am going to start mini mentoring sessions.
Basically what it is is a class that is focus on ONE area of editing in Photoshop.

Each class will be about 20-30 minutes and will $20.00 per person.  (must have a min. of 5 participants to hold a class)  The classes will be held online where you will be able to see my screen and see and hear me as I show you how to accomplish the task.

The first class is on December 7th at 6pm MST.
The class will be about learning how to create creamy skin tones and smoothing skin.

Leave a comment if you would like to sign up or send an email to
Once we have a least 5 participants you will receive a Paypal link plus instruction to download the free programs to participate in the class.

Sign up deadline is Sunday December 5th, 11:59 MST

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