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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{Make a Wish} Wish Tip Low Down

So last week I did many Wish Tips and I had fun doing them.  HOWEVER it's a lot of work if there isn't anyone who is gaining anything from them.  So if I have requests to give a daily tip I SOOOOOO will...if not I'll just give you a before and after photograph.  

Anyway....It's been a crazy daddy hasn't been doing very well and I've spent a lot of time at the hospital.  I know I have a boat load of clients waiting to see themselves appear here on this blog.  I promise you are not forgotten, or lost.  

I am near booked for the rest of the year but still have a handful of open days so contact me to get your day.  If you book by October 31st you get 30 free personalized Christmas Cards! 
Here is a quick look at one Christmas Card Design.


  1. I really like your tutorials, my only problem is I use Elements. Heres a thought, maybe you could do them on a weekly basis instead of a daily thing. Takes the pressure off.

  2. Crappers, Parker was signed on, but the comment is from me:)